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FUJIAN HAIYUAN COMPOSITES TECHNOLOGY CO,.LTD.  Founded in 1988, is an unique leading enterprise of which a set of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic integration of multi-category, multi-functionality series products in different field of hydraulic press equipments.

Haiyuan has advanced  technologies of integrated large-scale machinery and hydraulic and creates a number of China's first:

1994  China‘s first 1000t automatic hydraulic ceramic tile presses

2001  China‘s first 1000t automatic hydraulic water-permeable plaza tile presses

2003  China's first 1000t automatic hydraulic autoclaved brick presses

2006  China's first 2100t automatic hydraulic refractory materials presses

2008  Based on years of absorbing foreign advanced technology widely, Haiyuan HE series composite materials hydraulic research project success in 2011.

Currently,Haiyuan HF series (600-1390t) the wall brick materials fully automatic hydraulic press is able to use many varieties of industrial solid waste residue for wall brick-making, the comprehensive benefits of solid waste is up to 90% or more, 100,000 tons of solid waste is consumed each production line per year. The Haiyuan HF equipment has occupied 80% of the market share in China;

HC series (600-3600t) refractory automatic hydraulic machine is a reliable,  energy saving, safety and value of environmental protection. Haiyuan automatic is an unique refractory equipment manufacturing in China;

HP Series (1590-6790t) ceramic tile automatic hydraulic machine has a novel structure, high precision manufacturing wide working table, fast in suppress, energy-saving, high reliability advantages, market share among the top three;

HE series (800-3500t ) the composite materials automatic hydraulic press and LFT-D production line, used for thermoset, thermoplastic composite molding and many varieties of auto parts, it lead company's strategy to enter the new materials application field.

Various hydraulic presses and production line technologies are mature, reliable, comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level, exported to many countries.

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